browser plugins for your privacy

6 Browser plugins for better privacy while you’re online!

We browse the internet for the most parts of our day, knowingly or unwillingly (on our Smartwatches and TVs). Since browsing has become a habit for many, it is very common to delve deep into the dark corners of the internet. Plus, you, inadvertently, may…

Watch Super Bowl Anywhere

Watch Super Bowl Anywhere using a VPN

Super Bowl is an American football game which decides the champion team for the National Football League, 2015. The event creates a buzz all over the world and is viewed by football lovers all over the world. However, the live game is available exclusively on…

Snowden Leaks

Aftermaths of the Snowden Leaks

Maintaining the privacy of its citizens has been one of the biggest concerns for the world after the Snowden Leaks in 2013.  The NSA’s mass surveillance program took a hit when important documents relating the programs were unveiled. The classified documents contained information about the…

protect your data against hackers

Protect Your Data From Hackers: A Comprehensive Guide

Today’s hackers’ abilities are at its peak. No longer do they hack for silly giggles. Hacking is now employed to do grievous acts such as stealing information, sensitive data, financial records, or intellectual property. In this world where the entire businesses are conducted on the…

tools for Android security

Keep Your Phone Secure Using These 7 Tools For Android Security

Android devices have changed the way we use our cell phones. Android devices are like a mini-computer that fits your pocket perfectly and be taken anywhere with you. Your phones are capable of performing all the task that a regular computer is capable of doing….

Top 5 Privacy Tools for 2016 to Keep Your Privacy Intact!

Top 5 Privacy Tools for 2016 to Keep Your Privacy Intact!

The internet may be a nightmare if you’re not vigilant enough. Your private life can be in front of millions if you do not take due care and precaution.  The reports of government snooping on your online life has made netizens paranoid more than ever….