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How to Protect Your Privacy Online With A VPN


Our online privacy is under attack more than ever. Everyone from Internet Service Providers, advertisers and government agencies is interested in your private data and wants to know what exactly are you up to when you browse the Internet. In spite of the seemingly innate…

Reasons to Avoid Free VPN Providers


When there is something available for free then why would you spend money on it! A VPN service is no exception, and there are a lot of free VPN services out there waiting for a user, who will use the VPN and then they will…

Phishing Emails and How to Deal With Them


In this current era of Internet, hackers are coming up with new ways to get their hands on our private data because they know that it’s priceless and they are waiting to exploit it. There has been a noticeable rise of ransomware and identity theft cases…

VPNs for Beginners – All that You Need to Know


A Virtual Private Network is basically a networking technology that provides: It allows crossing the geographical restrictions, where you are not allowed to visit certain websites. It provides the capability to bypass the censorship of your school, college, government etc. Provides safe Peer-to-Peer (P2P) downloads….

Protect Your Webcam Security – Use VPN


When you talk about one of the good pieces of technology, then talk about the webcam. Sadly, like most other sophisticated technological innovations, they can be abused or twisted to do the things they were not meant for. It is true they are great for…

Cyber Crime Awareness: Types of Cyber-Attacks


Today, cyberspace is the most apt platform for cyber criminals to carry out their operations. With the introduction of internet at every level of the workplace, the offices have developed a vulnerability which can be easily exploited by the online miscreants. Even, the common man…