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Got an iPhone? Take a look at the best VPN for iPhone in 2016


The mobile phone has become a primary necessity for any individual today. There are millions of people who are using mobile phone worldwide and there are millions of people who are accessing the Internet using their mobile. With such a huge amount of people using…

Top Methods That Will Help You Escape from NSA All Seeing Eyes


The NSA is currently intercepting millions of private images every day for its massive facial-recognition project. Data intercepted by NSA are numerous as your text messages, your social media posts, your emails, even your Facetime and other webcam video conferencing sessions. All these are being…

5 Applications which Parents Should Take Care About


There were days when kids were bored when they didn’t have any friends to play around with. They used to get bored when their parents were busy and could not take them out for an outing. Times have changed now, today most of the kids…

Unblock Netflix in School without Restrictions


We as adults always think that school time was the best time. The one who are currently in school think that being an adult is so cool. So the grass is always greener on the other side. Being an adult, I to believe that school…