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How to Choose The Right VPN Service Provider


VPNs have become an item of necessity in today’s dynamic online world. Hackers and scammer are at every nook and corner, ready to grab the slightest of opportunities to bamboozle you. Even a minor loophole provided by you is enough for them to get in…

VPN vs. Proxy: Which One Should You Use?


Amongst the plethora of methods available for unblocking blocked web contents, VPN proxy are the most used ones. VPN vs. Proxy has been a debate that dates back to a time immemorial. This often creates a situation where people are confused while choosing between the…

Different Types of VPN Protocols Explained


VPNs have helped us keep our anonymity and privacy intact. They have a major role to play in the dynamic world of internet today. When we hear the word “VPN”, an image of a secure tunnel comes to our mind. However, you may be surprised…

Pros and Cons of using a VPN


VPN or Virtual Private Networks is a method of establishing a secure encrypted connection to another location in order to access their local resources or to browse the internet. VPNs have benefited almost every netizen around the world. Not only do they provide access to…

What is a VPN and why do you need one?


Online anonymity is the main reason behind internet’s success. Anonymity and privacy are the major concerns for netizens all around the world. These are the two bedrocks that uphold the basic principle of free speech and the expression on the internet. This allows constructive discussions…