In the tutorials section, we give you a step-by-step guide to set up VPNs across all the devices. With our easy-to-learn tutorials, you will be ready to set up VPN on your device without much effort.

How to Anonymize your BitTorrent Traffic


Torrents are used by people all over the world to download and share digital content over the internet. Despite the popularity and efficiency of services like Netflix and Hulu, torrenting is something that people just cannot keep away from. Many countries have made using and…

Browser Fingerprints and How to Reduce Them


Every Internet user is tracked for his activities over the internet and as we know that browsing activities are carried out over the internet with the use of a Browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. which is generally known as Internet Browser. The websites…

How to avoid the latest Netflix scam


Netflix is the modern media content provider be it online or be it cable, while all you have to do is to have a Netflix account like any other account of a service provider. Netflix account also uses username and password format as login credentials…

A Complete Guide to Encrypting Your Android


So today in this guide we are going to talk about encrypting your Android phone, as we already know encryption is a method of securing your data over the phone with a key so that no-one can recover it in case if you end up…