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10 Tips to avoid Identity Theft on the Internet


Who are you? Where do you live? What is your bank account number? These are just some examples of questions which you usually prefer not to answer, to strangers. Not only strangers, you won’t even declare your bank account details to your friends and family….

Netflix without credit card is possible


In school, we have been taught that when two chemicals mix or react together, it results into some third product. You can compare the same thing with internet and entertainment. When internet and entertainment react together, they come up with a product which is known…

Signing up Netflix free trial forever and ever


Long ago, there was only radio which updated people with news and entertainment. People didn’t have the choice to switch over to their favourite music or song. Then television came, which became the next source of entertainment, which provided audio as well as video. Still,…

Accessing Pirate Bay anywhere in the world


Obtaining and sharing someone else’s material without taking their permission is such a bad habit. It should never be done but it is always being done. It is known as piracy. The Pirate Bay, as per its name is one of the biggest providers of…

Watching Netflix on Samsung Smart TV


Television has played a very important role in changing our society. From retro box-shaped televisions to high-definition display televisions, from Octagon (the first television) to smart television, the journey has been interesting and amazing. A television today produces sharp and clear vision, which is better…