In the tutorials section, we give you a step-by-step guide to set up VPNs across all the devices. With our easy-to-learn tutorials, you will be ready to set up VPN on your device without much effort.

Is Someone Spying on Your Phone? How to Protect


Once upon a time, there prevailed a belief that people can’t live without one thing which is known as oxygen. This belief was correct but incomplete. Today, people can’t live without two things, oxygen and phone. It is not certain that every person on this…

How to Protect Data in Motion through Managed File Transfer


Data Loss Prevention (DLP) monitoring solutions have vastly cut down the surging rise of classified data moving out of business houses. These products scrutinise data-in-motion and recognise network communications that require security. The products can also incorporate safe email tools to secure data messages and attachments…

10 ways to keep you Anonymous while Online


In today’s world, everyone is making use of the Internet. But it is not a safe place for those who are not educated about the safety measures one needs to take in order to keep its identity a secret. Let us discuss 10 fail-proof ways…

Download Torrents Anonymously, without leaving a trace!


If you wish to transfer a larger file over the internet, then torrent is your friend. Torrents can be used to transfer heavy files seamlessly over the internet to any location in the world. This is the reason why movies, games TV series are downloaded…

Set up a VPN on HTC and enjoy internet freedom from your hand!


Amongst all the available smartphone brands available, HTC holds a major share. It is known as the most innovative mobile brands of all times. The reliability and user-friendly features that it provides have made it a popular choice amongst a large portion of the society….

Steps To Set Up a VPN on MAC OS X


MACs are one of the most used devices in the world. Their powerful performance and beautiful design have made it a preferred choice for many, mostly amongst the younger demography. There is a growing need for VPNs across all devices and MACs are no different….