5 best VPNs for BitTorrenting

5 Best VPNs to Share Your Files Easily On Bittorrent


BitTorrent is a service which allows users to share huge files over the internet using P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing protocol. Owing to its ability to share files over long distances, it has become one of the most used services on the internet. Obviously, there are…

2 Methods to Set Up a VPN on Windows 7 Devices


Windows 7 are still a widely used operating system across all windows devices. The popularity of this OS is huge, considering it is a stable and consistently fast. Windows 7 is still the most successful OS in the market today. Why use VPN on your…

Change your IP Address

4 Ways to Change your IP Address and Enjoy Internet Freedom!


  Your ISP assigns you with an IP address whenever you connect to the internet. This address is used by the websites to locate where you are accessing the website from and provide you with region specific contents. Kinds of IP Addresses There are, mainly,…

9 Tips to to Stay Safe Online

9 Tips to Stay Safe Online – Feel Secure


Most of our monetary transactions are done online today, thanks to the bubbling e-commerce scenario. Also, your entire bank account has been transferred entirely on your laptop, making transactions over the internet easier. There is nothing that you cannot do on the internet these days….

Top 10 Reasons for Using a VPN

Top 10 Reasons for Using a VPN Service


In today’s complex world of internet, there is an urgent need for innovative techniques for protecting one’s anonymity and privacy. Lurking hackers just need a little flaw in your security to take over your online life. A little loophole can prove disastrous for your security…