set up a VPN on Xbox 360

A Guide to Set up a VPN on XBOX 360


Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the history of virtual gaming. It has seen a rise in its popularity since of day it was released. The goodwill of Microsoft attached with it has made it one of the most used gaming…

Set up a VPN on iPhones and iPads

Learn How to Set up a VPN on iPhones and iPads


  Apple devices are trendiest devices on the planet. Apple’s terrific design, amazing performance and brand image have made its devices a rage amongst the youths. iPhones and iPads are no different. Owning these devices has become a status symbol in today’s society. Phones and…

Stay Safe on Public WiFi

How to Stay Safe on Public WiFi: Few Tips


If you use a public Wi-Fi at your coffee shop or your university, then beware! Yes, firewalls on the Wi-Fi router protect you from intrusion from the internet, but it doesn’t keep you safe from others connected on the same network. There is a huge…

2 Methods to Set Up a vpn for windows 7 Devices


Windows 7 are still a widely used operating system across all windows devices. The popularity of this OS is huge, considering it is a stable and consistently fast. Windows 7 is still the most successful OS in the market today. Why use vpn for windows…