Protect Your Privacy Online

How to Protect Your Privacy Online With A VPN


Our online privacy is under attack more than ever. Everyone from Internet Service Providers, advertisers and government agencies is interested in your private data and wants to know what exactly are you up to when you browse the Internet. In spite of the seemingly innate…

5 best VPNs for BitTorrenting

How to Anonymize your BitTorrent Traffic


Torrents are used by people all over the world to download and share digital content over the internet. Despite the popularity and efficiency of services like Netflix and Hulu, torrenting is something that people just cannot keep away from. Many countries have made using and…

Browser Fingerprints

Browser Fingerprints and How to Reduce Them


Every Internet user is tracked for his activities over the internet and as we know that browsing activities are carried out over the internet with the use of a Browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. which is generally known as Internet Browser. The websites…

Avoid Free VPN

Reasons to Avoid Free VPN Providers


When there is something available for free then why would you spend money on it! A VPN service is no exception, and there are a lot of free VPN services out there waiting for a user, who will use the VPN and then they will…