Best Password Managers

Best Password Managers for your device!


It is always a good idea to have multiple passwords, different passwords for different services. However, remembering different passwords might be a problem for many. For them, finding the right password manager is necessary. The best password managers in the business are known to offer…

5 Stupid Gadgets for Privacy

5 Stupid Gadgets for Privacy Concerns


We live in a “smart” world, surrounded by “smart” gadgets. Our phones are “smart”, our watches are “smart”, and even our refrigerators are “smart” these days! It hard to find something which is not smart (except for the people using them)! But, is all this…

Watch Super Bowl Anywhere

Watch Super Bowl Anywhere using a VPN


Super Bowl is an American football game which decides the champion team for the National Football League, 2015. The event creates a buzz all over the world and is viewed by football lovers all over the world. However, the live game is available exclusively on…

Snowden Leaks

Aftermaths of the Snowden Leaks


Maintaining the privacy of its citizens has been one of the biggest concerns for the world after the Snowden Leaks in 2013.  The NSA’s mass surveillance program took a hit when important documents relating the programs were unveiled. The classified documents contained information about the…