Privacy Policy

We understand the value of your privacy. We, at, appreciate the concerns you have about the information provided by you when you visit our website. Our transparent privacy policies will give you an idea in which your information is used by us.

The clauses and sub-clauses mentioned below are applicable to the VPNGenic only and does not bear any relationship with any product/services listed on the website or any of its affiliates.

Opinions on the website

VPNGenic is well-known for providing genuine and unbiased reviews about products and services. The reviews and the contents on the websites are the express opinions of our tech writers at The sources are specifically mentioned for the contents that have been taken from a third-party.

Rankings and reviews on this websites have been developed through in-depth analysis and research of a wide variety of products. Conclusions are reached at after reviewing the features of each product and services extensively.

Data Collection and Usage

As an avid internet user, you might be aware that you are voluntarily giving data to every website that you log on to. This transmission is done through cookies and your IP Address. Cookies enable you to have a personalized and smooth experiences on the website/webpages you visit.

At VPNGenic, we do not (and will never!) ask you to provide us any personal data compulsorily. Only the cursory data is collected from you. You are entitled to access any content and leave comments/suggestions. We will use the data, voluntarily provided by you, only to improve your experience on the website.

Upon engaging in the following activities, information will be collected from you:

  • When you leave any comment on any page of the website.
  • When you subscribe to our newsletter or promo offer or the likes.
  • When you participate in any survey conducted on this website by us.

The data collected shall, in no way, shared with any third party (unless obligated by a court order). If the need arises, data may be shared, but only with your prior permission.

Links takes no responsibility for any websites visited by clicking the links on this website or its webpages. Please refer to the Privacy Policy of the visited sites for information about their privacy policies.

Our Affiliates’s affiliates collect data under the scope of Privacy and Data Collection policies of their websites. VPNGenic does not take any responsibility for any information provided by you to our affiliates.

The affiliates are there so as to enable us to provide you the best services from all over the internet. The affiliates provide us with information about the latest services that they have to offer. This, in turn, is used by us to inform you about the latest developments in the cyber-security industry.

Data Security

The main objective of our website is to provide you data security. Our servers are fully equipped to prevent all kinds of cyber-attacks and keep you data secure with us. is operated by a huge team of qualified and trained staffs and follows international server management guidelines.

In the case of any query regarding your data security, feel free to contact us.