Identity theft

Browser Fingerprints

Browser Fingerprints and How to Reduce Them


Every Internet user is tracked for his activities over the internet and as we know that browsing activities are carried out over the internet with the use of a Browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. which is generally known as Internet Browser. The websites…

avoid Identity Theft

10 Tips to avoid Identity Theft on the Internet


Who are you? Where do you live? What is your bank account number? These are just some examples of questions which you usually prefer not to answer, to strangers. Not only strangers, you won’t even declare your bank account details to your friends and family….

Download Torrents Anonymously

5 Best VPN for Bit Torrenting


World of Internet entertainment is very easy, simply surf your favourite website for any music or video, search whatever you want and pay for it. That’s how it goes right? No, it’s not how it goes. People surf their favourite website and search whatever they…